Event 10.2.2021

Event 10.2.2021 (livestream)

For the seventh and possibly last time, the market dialogue on merging the gas market areas in Germany was successfully held today – due to the current situation around COVID-19 for the second time as a livestream. The invitation was accepted by 600 German-speaking and 80 English-speaking market participants. The representatives of the transmission system operators and those responsible for the market area have explained the further course of the project and have dealt with current developments regarding the merger.

The market area managers will continue the communication on topics related to the merging of the two market areas NCG and GASPOOL to form the pan-German market area Trading Hub Europe. The two market area managers will be offering further customer events and workshops in April. We will inform about this in a separate email soon.

The slides of the seventh market dialogue are available for downloaded here.